About Us

Welcome to Premium Collectibles Studio

PCS has teamed up with the best artists both in-house and from around the world to continually raise the bar on what a fine art collectible should be. Our meticulous attention to detail and dogged pursuit of quality bring the world of pop culture to life for you, the collector.

Our connection to the collectible community

Our personal relationship with the collecting community, has garnered a fervent fan-base across the globe, resulting in the most inimitable licensed collectible products on the market whose value actually increases over time, as a true collectible should.

PCS’ limited edition statues and our tenacious pursuit of quality

PCS’ limited-edition statues, busts & articulated figures are available in a verity of scales and prices points, depicting cultural icons form the worlds of cinema, television, video games, & graphic media. Every PCS piece you bring into your home represents thousands of hours of planning and craftsmanship from our expert team of dedicated artisans, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for your support. Wait until you see what we do next!