The Last Ronin Statue hits hard with fans!

After months of meticulous design work, we are extremely proud to introduce the collecting community to our “The Last Ronin” premium poly-stone statue.  This piece is a labor of love by our entire team, and we’ve partnered with top talent in the industry to bring this epic statue to life. 

Designed by PCS and the Kucharek Brothers,  sculpted by Adam Fisher, and painted by Den Kazakov, the Last Ronin and his ghostly brothers have come together beautifully in a way that tells an intriguing story.  Viewers that have no foreknowledge of the IDW comic storyline will still be affected by the powerful imagery on display.  

You can pre-order this epic piece in either the full Supreme edition that includes Mikey and his ghost brothers, or in the collector’s edition, featuring Mikey as the lone warrior. 

Make sure to check out this epic tale, published by IDW and written by the original creators of TMNT!

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