Leatherface: The Butcher 1:3




“The old way … with a sledge! You see, that way’s better. They die better that way.”

Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Leatherface: The Butcher 1:3 Scale Statue.

Inspired by the iconic and chilling film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), the Leatherface: The Butcher Statue captures the horrific, hulking might of this mostly silent killer. The statue measures 29.5” tall and 16” wide as Leatherface charges through a doorway, wielding a mallet on a base inspired by the Sawyer family home. The Leatherface: The Butcher Statue features a tailored mixed media costume application, including a light pink collared shirt, black pants, a black necktie, and a yellow butcher’s smock with blood-like stains. The smock and tie have wire in the seams for posing, allowing you to craft more dramatic, dynamic movement in this pulse-pounding chase sequence. Leatherface’s distinct portrait also features a material rope element and soft synthetic hair on the sculpted skin mask over his head.

Satisfy your appetite for horror and bring home the Leatherface: The Butcher 1:3 Scale Statue by PCS for your collection today!

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