Grimlock Deluxe Statue




Me Grimlock no bozo, me king!”

Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Grimlock Deluxe Statue, stomping onto your shelf of Transformers collectibles.

The Grimlock Deluxe Statue measures 30” tall and 24” wide in a unique display that captures the dual strength of Grimlock’s Dinobot and alternate Autobot form. The leader of the Dinobots swings his mighty tail in Tyrannosaurus form, opening his jaws wide in a mighty roar. Above him, the more traditional Transformer Grimlock wields his energo-sword as he leaps into battle. A clear blue element embodies the evolution between designs, giving fans a dynamic look at the fearless fighter in action on a prehistoric environment base.

This Grimlock Diorama depicts the beastly transformer in both his Dino and Robot forms.  It is fully sculpted with metallic coloring, multiple semi-translucent elements, and battle weathering.  This realistic re-imagining of the famous Dinobot has added detail in the form of paneling, and red and gold color accents, in an artistic blending of the mechanical and the primeval!

Bring home this beast of a bot for your Transformers collection and wrap your claws around the Grimlock Deluxe Statue by PCS today!


– Retail price : $1850

– Approx Dims 30”H x 24”W x 22”D

– Est Ship Date: Jul – Sep 2022

– Edition Size : TBD

– Includes :

Fully Sculpted Figure

Highly Detailed Diorama Base

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